RT6: Boston

We are spending a relaxing day in Boston. No Driving. Doing a little shopping and lunching on Newbury Street. The day is hot with very little breeze. The skies open up in the afternoon and send us indoors. No worries. Plenty to do inside in Boston. Even a pre-dinner nap may be in order.

Newbury Street is quaint with charming four story brownstones housing shops, services, restaurants and apartments. Perfect for strolling and taking pictures. It is also a very pooch-friendly area, with many businesses putting out water and biscuit treats for their furry customers. This always makes me happy, especially when I am missing my kitties.

We skipped breakfast today preferring to sleep in. After spending a pleasant couple of hours on Newbury we stop at the CafeTeria for lunch. We get seated outside at a shady cafe table where we are entertained by sparrows being cute for crumbs. Our server drops by with menus and water. Sangria seems to be a good option on this hot day. We order a large mason jar which is great for two. I order tomato soup (I always have ordered tomato soup if it is on the menu since I was a little kid) and the scallops, and Rob orders gazpacho and a meatloaf sandwich.

The sangria is served up in in icy glasses with a wedge of lemon and lime. It is refreshing but is more fruit pulp than wine. My tomato soup is delicious with Vermont cheddar cheese and two croutons sitting in a velvety smooth,  quality soup with a good kick of heat. It left my lips tingling. More croutons would have been nice.

Rob’s gazpacho was excellent as well. Fresh with cucumber and rich with tomato flavour and some pepper tang, a little added depth from herbs, but virtually no heat. The cold soup was topped with avocado which was a nice change from sour cream.

The perfectly pan-seared scallops, were lightly seasoned and served sitting on a bed of sweet corn puree and topped an arugula, corn and cherry tomato salad. A very enjoyable dish.

Rob’s meatloaf sandwich was accompanied by excellent, crisp, hot, garlic and herb Parmesan fries. I could not stop stealing them, for myself and for the sparrows. They enjoyed them too. The sandwich was a simple creation of meat loaf, roasted cherry tomatoes, bacon and Swiss, pressed flat like a Cubano and served with a thousand Island-style dressing on the side. It was meaty, smoky-rich with bacon and sweet with the roasted tomato.

Since it is raining cats and dogs and elephants out we decide that dinner is best to be had where being outside is not necessary. The Copley Square complex houses a well-regarded seafood restaurant, Turner Fisheries. We have 6:30 reservations. It is not terribly busy when we arrive. Despite being a tad upscale people are clad in shorts and the like. We are a bit over dressed at smart casual.








After being seated, tuxedoed wait staff deliver warm scrumptious bread — raisin-nut, rustic white and crisp flat bread.

We both order the surf and turf medium-rare with a bib lettuce salad to share, The salad comes already split onto to two plates. This is very thoughtful. The salad consists of a nice wedge of blue, two crisp pieces of bacon, a healthy slice of ripe tomato and bib lettuce with thin sliced red onion, and a whisper of dressing. A nice starter salad.

Dinner consists of MEDIUM steak, a barely-there Bearnaise and half a lobster with drawn butter. Honestly, the excellent bread offering is by far the most outstanding part of this dinner. Rob has a theory that no one does surf AND turf well — the highlight is one of the two, rarely both.

There was nothing outrageously wrong with the remainder but there was nothing to write home about, either, except good wine and good conversation (the moon shot, the Monkees, hostess cupcakes, sharks and getting a dog) that was really not wholly provided by the restaurant.


Our 200th Post!

Wow. This is our 200th post. Thanks to all who have followed the blog and who have encouraged us with your comments. Thanks to all who’ve been a part of the action by letting us undertake food experiments on you. Thanks to all who follow us on Facebook, and our casual and committed visitors from places like OttawaFoodies.com, RoadFood.com, Pinterest and elsewhere.

More to come…

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