About Us

We’re a married couple, with two grown daughters, living in Fort Langley, BC, Canada. Rob’s background is software and music, and Maureen’s is garden design and hockey, and it just so happens that we’re totally excited by good food and we are passionate about photography.

Often when we travel and post daily updates on Facebook, or just update our status with what we’re cooking for dinner, friends and family have suggested we should start a food blog. So this is it. On these pages, we’ll document our experiences in searching out authentic food experiences from our own kitchen to where in the world life takes us.

A word about the name of our blog: “Happy Mouth” is a term we’ve used with each other for years. We often declare that we have “happy mouth” at the end of a terrific meal and the taste of the food, with its spices and textures and all of its accompaniments, are lingering in a haze of joyful satisfaction.