RT11: Corn, Camels & Snoots

We pulled out of blustery, chilly Evansville, Indiana just after 10 am on our way to St. Louis, Missouri. The drive was an uneventful pleasant trip along a two-laner through small towns. We crossed the state line into Illinois, the Land of Lincoln where the skies turned azure blue and highlighted the golden green late cornfields. Incredible colour.

We journeyed on through Amish country past horse and buggies and eventually past some vineyards and a camel or two. Yes camels.

This guy and another camel were chilling with a small group of horses and ponies in a field off the highway. There were llamas in the distance. It was a little surreal in corn country.

After a 3 and a 1/2 hour road trip we could see the famous St. Louis arch in the distance. We enter through East St. Louis which is a very sketchy neighbourhood that I would not want to blow a tire in after dark. We cross over the Big Muddy for a third time this trip and enter Missouri and downtown St. Louis. It is immediately big-city impressive. Our hotel, The Moonrise is in the trendy west end so we travel through the core, past a beautiful park and inadvertently a Labour Day Weekend Greek Festival. Wow, does the grilled meat smell fantastic!

St. Louis is famous for BBQ so of course it is on the list for dinner as we regret that we only have one night in St. Louis. Rob chose C & K BBQ because a) it is iconic and b) it is open on the holiday. C & K is takeout only so we intend to bring it back to the hotel. The tiny store was established in the 1960’s just off the road. There is a lineup.

We arrive at C&K just as they are running out of food. Rib tips, “snoots” and potato salad are all that remain, which is fine because that’s what we were there for. Snouts are new for us and so we want to try them.

The rib tips are tender and juicy but very fatty. C&K’s sauce is tomato based, sweet and has a nice black pepper finish. Each order comes with white, squishy bread on top and on the bottom, which becomes completely absorbed by the sauce, not the other way around, leaving a yummy treat at the end. The potato salad doesn’t look like much but it is really good. The salad is whipped with a few chunks remaining and has a mild vinegar taste. Quite addictive especially with the sauce. OK I know you are waiting on the “snoots” as the locals call them. They are deep fried pig snout (the locals pronounce them “SNOOTS” but spell it correctly. They are crispy and a lot like pork rinds soaked in C&K’s awesome BBQ sauce. Crunchy, porky deliciousness. We can now say we are snoot-initiated.

Snooty cross-section!

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