Flank Steak: Inspiration Strikes!

When we went to visit the newly re-opened Piggy market (see previous post), we weren’t sure what to expect. We knew that the intention was to re-open as a craft butcher, along with  lovely artisan charcuterie and locally sourced foods that we love, but when we spied the quality of the meat on display, we were thrilled.

Upon seeing a gorgeous flank steak, whatever plans we had for dinner flew out the window. I had to get that steak on my grill. When we got home I cut the steaks in half and prepared a beefy marinade I like with olive oil, steak spice, orange and lime juice along with Claude’s Marinade (a great product for grilling beef).  I placed the steak in container along with some onion slices and red pepper strips, added the marinade, and left it in the fridge for a good soak until that evening.

Maureen made a cilantro relish (cilantro, lime, salt, pepper, olive oil, chilies — pulsed in the food processor, recipe’s here) that’s bright with lime and we warmed up some tortillas. After the steak and vegetables were grilled, I let the steak rest and chopped the onion and peppers. The steak was perfectly grilled, a juicy pink on the inside when sliced on the bias, with a nice bark-like coating on the outside.

We assembled the tortillas with a spoonful of the charred, sweet onions and peppers, a couple slices of the steak a dollop of the cilantro relish and a generous shake of Cholula hot sauce. The rich, smoky flavours miked together with the brightness of the relish and hot sauce and made for a perfect Saturday night meal.


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