Pioneertown and Tapas!

Today we headed out towards Pioneertown, an interesting little town in anticipation of finding some grub and good photo ops. Pioneertown was constructed in the 1940s by Gene Autry to house movie folk and to act as the setting when they shot cheesy westerns.


Today it is an unincorporated community of artisans and hippies, living in the old set houses. When we arrive there are a few other tourists wandering around. A few places seem open and others not so much.


The entire place has kind of a weird, unsettling vibe about it. Should I go in this shop? Is it just part of a set? Is that person sitting outside, a home owner Actor? Shopkeeper?


Pappy and Harriet‘s is a large building that houses a pub of sorts. It is 3/4 full on this Thursday and more people keep coming. The food is decent but not all that remarkable. Not sure why there is a crowd. We are in the middle of nowhere.

This aft we vegged around the pool sucking back cocktails and enjoying a great conversation with a group of people from Minnesota down for an anniversary. It is sunny and 73 degrees. So pleasant.

Tonight, our last evening in Palm Springs we decide to go down the road to the Saguaro  resort to dine at Tinto, a tapas bar by iron chef Jose Garces.

We opt for the chef selection and wine pairing. It begins with a lovely selection of mixed olives lightly dressed in olive oil and orange, and a dish of smoked almonds. This comes paired with a delicious, bubbly Spanish rosé.


Shortly a selection of Spanish cheeses and chorizo, Iberico and Serrano ham arrives. The cheeses are served with acacia honey and a quince paste, just a little sweet to cut the fat of the cheese. The meat is thin and drizzled with olive oil, and accompanied by a quenel of Spanish egg salad.


Next a cast iron dish of perfectly caramelized brussel sprouts with bacon and manchego arrives as does a wonderful Spanish white.


This is followed by a rice dish with a poached egg. The egg is broken into the rice making for a rich, creamy, decadent dish. There were large pieces of green pepper in the rice which provided a green, fresh flavour.


Shrimp bathed in a garlic butter sauce and served with toasted baguette  for dipping appear as well.


At this point we are very full. A red Malbec arrives and a large portion of grilled steak, accompanied by a well made bright chimichurri , fingerling potatoes and mushroom.


Our server delivers an excellent sherry from chef Garces’ private collection to accompany dessert. We are way too full for desert but who can resist perfectly fried, light, cinnamony, sugary puffs of fried air.  Chocolate ice cream and chestnut foam on flourless something or other round out the plate but I can eat no more….unless there were more donuts.


All in all an excellent meal with excellent wine pairings. I would complain that some of the servings were too large and served near the end rather than the beginning of the meal.


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