RT6: Lake Placid Last Stop

Left Saratoga yesterday for Lake Placid, a two hour drive thru soft pine forests giving way to deciduous hills. This area will be in spectacular colour in 8 weeks. Soon we see the Adirondacks rise on the horizon and then the clouds break. The rains are quit heavy and the views are obscured. Driving is physical though the windy wet roads.

We are glad to pull into Lake Placid, the last stop on this road trip. As is traditional, we generally choose a well-appointed resort to relax for 2 days before heading back home to real life.This time we are staying at The Whiteface Lodge and Spa. We have a beautiful suite featuring a private balcony and a view of the Adirondack Mountains.









Yesterday and today we spent a little time poking about shops downtown by picturesque Mirror Lake.

The Lodge has a very nice restaurant and lounge and we are relaxing and eating here for our stay. Thanks for tagging along. Home tomorrow.

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