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I am notoriously hard to buy presents for. My tastes and interests are pretty specific, and if it’s a gadget or cool thing, I probably already have it. I really am hopeless to buy for. At least that’s what my family tries to convince me of.

There are a couple of by-products of this difficulty. One is that I often tell folks to skip the enterprise all together, unless they happen upon something, but not to wrack their brains looking for something that is apparently so hard to find. The other is that I get some fairly off-beat gifts, including singing Mickey Mouse toasters (ours was haunted, but that’s a story for another day),  office gadgets, and other off-beat, cool items.

In addition to the previous cake post,  I want to cover a couple of the cool items I got for this year, my 50th birthday milestone. Heather and Matt (daughter and SO) gave me a subscription to the “Jerky-of-the-Month” club from Big John’s Beef Jerky. You get a 0ne-pound bag of one of seven flavours of jerky. This month: BBQ!

First impressions: this is really good jerky. Medium-chewy in texture and nicely-layered flavour. After I bit into my first shred of jerky, I was impressed by the initial beefiness and then a sweet undertone from the BBQ sauce that is present in the curing process somewhere and finally, a nice black-pepper finish. Jerky this good overcomes the reservations some may have about what gets sold as jerky in Gas Stations and convenience stores. People are right to not want to eat leathery, dry, dusty meat under any conditions. …and if you need any more convincing, it also turns out that one of our fairly discerning cats, Scout, is a major jerky monster. Go figure.

I am certainly looking forward to next month’s package.