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Flank Steak: Inspiration Strikes!

When we went to visit the newly re-opened Piggy market (see previous post), we weren’t sure what to expect. We knew that the intention was to re-open as a craft butcher, along with  lovely artisan charcuterie and locally sourced foods that we love, but when we spied the quality of the meat on display, we were thrilled.

Upon seeing a gorgeous flank steak, whatever plans we had for dinner flew out the window. I had to get that steak on my grill. When we got home I cut the steaks in half and prepared a beefy marinade I like with olive oil, steak spice, orange and lime juice along with Claude’s Marinade (a great product for grilling beef).  I placed the steak in container along with some onion slices and red pepper strips, added the marinade, and left it in the fridge for a good soak until that evening.

Maureen made a cilantro relish (cilantro, lime, salt, pepper, olive oil, chilies — pulsed in the food processor, recipe’s here) that’s bright with lime and we warmed up some tortillas. After the steak and vegetables were grilled, I let the steak rest and chopped the onion and peppers. The steak was perfectly grilled, a juicy pink on the inside when sliced on the bias, with a nice bark-like coating on the outside.

We assembled the tortillas with a spoonful of the charred, sweet onions and peppers, a couple slices of the steak a dollop of the cilantro relish and a generous shake of Cholula hot sauce. The rich, smoky flavours miked together with the brightness of the relish and hot sauce and made for a perfect Saturday night meal.


Piggy Market 2.0!

The new and even better Piggy Market re-opened November 12th as an artisan delicatessen and craft butcher shop. I dropped in this week for a quick chat with Dave Neil, co-owner of Piggy. He explained that craft butcher is an Irish designation for meat that is hung to age not cryovaced. The new butchery offers custom cutting of local beef (O’Brien Farms) and Ontario pork as well as heritage pork – Large Black, Berkshire, and Tamworth, which they rotate on a weekly basis. This means you can visit Piggy and have your beef ground while you wait (they take orders ahead of time on the phone as well), and have your steaks cut to your desired thickness. If you are interested in stocking your freezer and want a more hands on approach you can order a 1/2 pig, whole lamb or prime cut of beef, and they will butcher it to your specifications after hours while you watch. You also have the option to sign a waiver and do some of the cutting yourself.

Piggy is also committed to featuring the best charcuterie available locally. Currently they are carrying an array of wonderful treats such as lardo, cutatello, rosetta and salame from Dolce Lucano of Woodbridge, Ontario (exclusive) and smoked molasses and cracked black pepper bacon (!) and dried sausage from Seed to Sausage in the Charbot Lake area. This is probably the best charcuterie Rob and I have come across in our travels and Piggy brings it to us right here in Ottawa. Check out Piggy’s website and blog for weekly offerings, or just pop in and be inspired like we do.

For the upcoming holiday season, Piggy Market helps you get into a festive mood with offerings like goose, duck, suckling pig, turkey (local and local organic), tortiere and plum puddings, beef suet for mince meat and for your feathered friends, and high fat butter from Stirling, Ontario for your baking. They also offer prepared charcutierie platters on slate boards for your entertaining needs.

Piggy continues to carry all your favorites: a selection of Ontario and Quebec cheeses, local eggs and dairy, Art-Is-In bread, Jamaican patties, Bryson Farms products, local produce, Pascal’s ice cream, Piggy’s own to die for 4-cheese mac and cheese and more.

On our first visit to the new re-opened Piggy Market, we were inspired by a beautiful flank steak and changed our dinner plans. We marinated it, grilled it, sliced it and served it with grilled red peppers and onions, a cilantro relish and some hot sauce. We’ll cover the meal in more detail for a future posting, but here’s a delicious preview.