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Dish #6: Favourite Pickled Peppers

On a road trip throughout the US Southwest we picked up a delicacy offered in places where hot peppers were a common addition to peoples’ table – Bread and butter pickled jalapenos. These are sliced jalapenos, pickled with bread and butter pickle brine with pickle spices and sliced onion. They are sweet, have only mild to moderate heat and became instantly addictive.

We sourced them to a company called West Texas Chile Traders and are now a repeat customer of all of their products. On their website, they mention a significant trial and error process that resulted in the current flavour profile of their flagship products and it is evident that considerable care was taken to arrive at a perfect balance of juicy, sweet heat.

They also clearly have their ear to the ground, because their product line has grown by leaps and bounds based upon the realization of how customers enjoy their food.

I found myself using the brine from the pickle jars in salad dressings and marinades and it wasn’t long before they made it available by the bottle as a separate product. The onions in the jars full of jalapeno were like little crunchy jewels and in a couple more months, you could buy the onions pickled the same way.

As well, I often chopped up the peppers finely to put on burgers and in other foods an lo and behold, the company made that exact product available as jalapeno relish.

Most recently they took the same lovely brine and are now offering an actual bread and butter pickled cucumber product – which is crazy enough that it just might work.

 We always have the four pickle products on hand, and with that much on the go, we usually don’t have a need to buy the brine separately, but we usually have a bottle available as well. These have become a core staple in our household and rarely would I dream of having a sandwich, a burger, or anything served in a tortilla without them.

You can order all of these products and more from their website and they gladly ship to Canada.