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Russ and Daughters: A Lower East Side Tradition

It is warm and sunny on this New york day in mid-April. After an afternoon of shopping, we found ourselves wandering around our “neighbourhood” taking a few pictures and popping in to this shop and that. Russ and Daughters, a New York institution, is just blocks from our hotel. We have seen this place memorialized on “No Reservations” and read Calvin Trillin waxing poetic about his memories of pumpernickel bagels in his excellent pioneering foodie book, The Tummy Trilogy.

The place, the legend, the fish!

We decide it will be a perfect afternoon snack. The interior of the shop is crowded with cheerful Saturday afternoon shoppers, gathering groceries, grabbing a sandwich or waiting for an egg cream. If we lived here, we would likely be here every weekend to stock up on smoked salmon, smoked trout, beet salad, scallion cream cheese, pickles, New York bagels, herring in cream sauce, chocolate babka and fresh baked rye bread. There is no seating in Russ and Daughters, so we take our bagel with Nova (traditional smoked Gaspé salmon) and scallion cream cheese outside into the sun to share. The salmon is truly a marvel. Sliced transparent, it melts in your mouth. Perfectly, delicately smoked. Luscious.

Here are some photos to soak it all in.

This was really, really good!