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The Dish #5: Pickles

There’s something disarming about a hand drawn, home-printed label on a locally grown and made food product. It’s what originally attracted us to bread and butter pickles from The Pickle Patch. on a recent, regular Saturday drop-in at Piggy Market. The label was roughly torn and held on to a mason jar by a rubber band. The Pickle Patch is a local (Dalkeith, ON) provider of “pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, nitrite-free, naturally smoked bacon peameal bacon, sausages, ham & pickles”. While the pickles appear to be a side-line to their meat business, one shouldn’t think of them as an afterthought.

These are a perfect mixture of sweet and tangy and are an excellent example of a home-made bread and butter pickle. What sets them apart, however, is that they sliced almost paper thin. This makes them excellent for doing double duty as a relish to add texture and flavour to sandwiches or piled on a plate next to some cheese and some fresh Art-Is-In bread. These pickles are a repeat buy for us and we keep them in the fridge pretty much at all times.

Check them out. You’ll thank us when you do.


You can see how thin these pickles are.