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Jethro’s is Fine

Our first morning in Vancouver scouting ‘hoods brings us to Dunbar and a small Triple D eatery called Jethro’s Fine Grub. The black, white and grey minimalist joint sits about 30-some.

Jethro's 001

Every single seat, whether on purpose or not, I can’t tell, needs reupholstering, but are comfy. Noisy, overly so, with a nondescript soundtrack, families and local teens, it has an ambitious and very interesting menu. Lots of takes on Southern USA classics.

Jethro's 002

Two menu choices interest me immediately, chicken fried steak and the breakfast burrito – wet. I will choose the steak if it is made fresh. Our friendly, well inked waitress tells me they bring it in fresh then freeze it. Sigh. What can you expect north of the Mason-Dixon line? So I go with the burrito. Rob will have the “South of Denver” omelette.

Jethro's 003

My burrito is ginormous. I manage only half of it. Too bad because it is delish. Chocked full of  a fluffy egg omelette, well made cafe potatoes (Jethro’s passes the potato test), green chilies, tomatoes, avocado, onions and chunks of spicy chorizo. The burrito, served up fresh, not reheated under a salamander, is tasty and not smothered in guacamole or sour cream. Instead it is served by request – wet. Wet is a well made, peppery, white cream gravy.

Jethro's 004

Rob’s omelette was full of excellent pulled pork, coarsely pulled and lightly sauced allowing the sweet, smoky pork to shine, onions and jalapenos. He subbed in their corn cake for toast. The cake was exactly what he had hoped for, a high proportion of corn meal with spices and jalapeno peppers baked right in. Excellent.

Jethro's 005

Jethro’s is a creative gem of a breakfast spot. There are several menu items we would love to try. A peek at the lunch menu confirmed that this place needs to be returned to. Just don’t come with a hangover.

Jethro's 006