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Texas in a Bowl

I’m not a huge fan of bottled salsas. Something is lost in the translation from fresh. They are often too hot or too sweet with no real depth of flavour. I can barely tell one commercial brand from the next. Even smaller boutique varieties with their mango and corn entries, tend to miss the mark. In a word they are …boring. Recently one of my neighbours brought by a bottle of locally made Texas salsa. I was skeptical as I am with all bottled salsas now. I have since tried both the regular and smoky varieties and can affirm that both are excellent. I won’t buy any other salsa. My search is over. Texas salsa combines the right textures, a rich, smoky, roasted tomato puree with small chunks of onion, jalepeno and avocado, brightened with lime, cilantro, cumin and some back heat. Pairs well with ultra thin tortilla chips (we like Xochitl) without breaking. Not being super chunky makes it a perfect taco topper as well. Available at corner stores in Sandy Hill in Ottawa and at some farmers’ markets. A portion of sales benefit the homeless which is indeed very nice but should in no way affect your reason to buy this product. It stands on it’s own as the best bottled salsa I have tried to date.

Texas Salsa 1Texas Salsa 3