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Izakaya – Japanese Pub Food!

We wrapped up our evening at an izakaya, one of several in Vancouver. An izakya is essentially a Japanese pub, serving small plates that are designed to accompany the drinks they serve. Guu Gardens is considered to be as authentic as they come.

It’s hardly a quiet place. The staff yelled greetings constantly and loudly announced the food that was ready to be served. We had seats at the bar and watched the cooks create the dishes with aplomb. Our meal consisted of:

2 jumbo Sapporo beers-  essential at an izakaya.

Izakaya 005Edamame with sea salt – Steamed soybeans in the shell. You slide the shells between your teeth to extract the beans.

Izakaya 002Tempura chicken knee cartilage. Yes, really. It tasted exactly like what you’d think it would taste like. It’s “dip” was fine ground black pepper and it was perfect.

Izakaya 003Sweet soy glazed short ribs with garlic chips. The chips were razor-thin rand roasted. They were sweet, crunchy and addictive.

Izakaya 004A Tomato-braised pork belly that was almost Italian in its preparation.

Izakaya 001Black cod cheek tempura. So luscious, but a little bit of work to get the meat from the bone.

It was a terrific meal and a great way to immerse oneself in the casual side of Japanese culture.