We’re taking a break.

We’re taking a break until later in September, to do some much-needed site redesign work as well as to restore our Happy Mouth Classic pages. As well, our youngest daughter is getting married and it’ll be a busy time for other things.

Before we go, we’d like to talk how we approach this blog. Once in while, we get accused of being overly positive about the places we review. So we thought we’d take some time to explain our basic principles.

1. This is a diary…of sorts. We’re writing this to share with readers and followers, but initially we wanted to capture our road trip experiences and memories before they were lost to the mists of time. There’s no charter beyond curating our search for interesting and honest food experiences that we’d enjoy. We hope you enjoy them too.

2. We’re not critics. We have absolutely no responsibility to our readers to visit a place we wouldn’t ordinarily select for our own enjoyment, just to inform you of our opinion. If we don’t think it’s interesting, we won’t go. Who’s got time for eating at places that don’t look like we’d enjoy them? We’re not paid to suffer for our art.

3. Research, research, research. One of the reasons we don’t issue many negative reviews is that we search out places we’d want to visit and eat at. There’s a self-selection process involved. We WANT to eat there, and we chose it because we know we’d like it. It’s not much of a surprise then, that we turned out to like it.

4. If we don’t like it, most often we won’t write about it. (see #3 above). We’re not complainers. Too often, bloggers and review site members turn up the volume on criticism because they have a platform to be negative. We’re not a fan of that approach. We’ve written about places that seemed to have lots of promise and hadn’t met expectations, as well we do mention it if there’s something we don’t like or could be better at restaurants we’ve tried.

See you in the Fall!


Rob and Maureen



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